Did you know that the dyeing process is one of the most polluting in the textile industry? This requires large amounts of water and chemicals, many of them toxic and harmful to health and the environment. Synthetic dyes are derived from petroleum, and are mainly based on fossil fuels, so they can trigger allergic reactions, not only in consumers but also in industrial workers.

The natural dyed It is an alternative process to the use of synthetic dyes, in which the pigment is extracted and fixed from natural inputs, whether of vegetable origin, such as avocado and onion peels; or animal, as is the case of the dye extracted from the cochineal; in different textile fibers. This ancestral technique allows the recycling of natural waste, optimizing its useful life and creating water-soluble dyes, thus helping to reduce waste and promote a sustainable textile industry.

The use of natural dyes allows us to create unique garments without compromising quality or beauty, since it is possible to play with the shades and intensities of color in the various natural fibers with which one works.

At Alleviare we always try to be in a constant search and investigation of the best techniques to minimize our impact on the industry, and that is how we found the wonderful world of natural dyeing; a technique with which we develop some of our products such as the Tote Bag and the Basic Tee. 💛🍃

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